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Best UK VPS Hosting Servers

Best UK VPS Hosting Servers without the disadvantages of sharing.

Starting from £4.99 / month.
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UK VPS Hosting Plans

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Orbix VPS

CPU Cores

1 Core
















Full Access

DDoS Shield






£4.99 / month

Best UK VPS Host Features

Powerful Control Panels

Thanks to WHMCS and our xPanel you have complete control over your VPS Hosting to configure it the way you want.

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High Performance Speed

Rapid low latency connection speeds and redundancy. Guaranteed perfect daily performance.

knexgen hosting powerful uk vps hosting affordable
Secured & Protected

We utilise the latest security hardware & firmware, and run regular virus and malware scans daily. Including 2TB DDoS protection.

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Expert UK Support Team

Reliable and professional help when you need. Our fully uk-based support team is on standy and ready to help you thrive.

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First 30 Days Free

Get the first month of your VPS for free, only pay for the following months. We know you will love it.

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Fully Custom

With KNEXGEN UK VPS Hosting you have the power to choose the resources, operating system, control panel, and additional features of your VPS.

knexgen hosting powerful uk vps hosting affordable
Regular Backups & Snapshots
Reliable Redundancy
Root Access as Standard
Zero Compromise Performance
99.9% Uptime
UK Based Data Center
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Get in touch with us and we can help you find the best UK VPS Hosting Servers for your business.

Cheap VPS Hosting UK

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UK VPS hosting provides dedicated resources in a virtual environment, allowing for customisation and greater control. With VPS hosting uk, you can install software, configure security settings, and have better scalability for demand spikes. This option also provides higher security levels and reliability, making it the ideal choice for businesses and individuals who prioritise performance and flexibility.

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vps hosting in the uk. uk's best virtual private server website hosting
Independant Resources

Instead of sharing resource usage between other people on the server, your VPS hosting uses independant resources unaffected by others.

Further Expandability

The VPS hosting resource allowance can be expanded or descreased at any time. Allowing for scalability and flexibility.

More Freedom

Unlike shared hosting, a VPS is a Virtual Private Server, meaning you have control over your own server and its usage.

Affordable & Powerful Hosting

VPS Hosting has the same affordability as shared hosting, without the downfalls. Higher performance, reliability, and freedom.

Why Choose KNEXGEN's UK VPS Hosting?

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KNEXGEN VPS Hosting is a top choice for those in search of a reliable and affordable virtual private server. Enjoy scalability, customisation, and control without breaking the bank. KNEXGEN VPS hosting plans offer a choice of Linux or Windows, increased security, professional support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Choose from a variety of resource allocation options and an easy-to-use control panel. 

Assured Scalability

Don't stress about the need to scale your hosting to accomodate your rapid growth. Our VPS Hosting allows for smooth resource expansion.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our VPS Hosting is built on Cloud Infrastructure, providing high reliability, security, and performance. Never worry about downtime or dataloss.

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Choose the best UK VPS Hosting plan

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Choose your cheap UK VPS Hosting plan and let's get you set up and ready to pursue your dreams.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any vps hosting questions, you may find the answers you need in our FAQs. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

VPS hosting, short for Virtual Private Server hosting, is a hosting solution that offers a virtualized private server environment within a physical server. It provides greater control and resources compared to shared hosting.

VPS hosting offers increased performance, dedicated resources, root access, scalability, and improved security, making it an ideal choice for websites with high traffic or specific customization needs.

VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and isolated server environments for each user, while shared hosting shares server resources among multiple users, leading to lower performance and security.

Root access allows users to have full control over their VPS server, enabling them to install custom software, configure settings, and manage the server as they see fit.

When selecting a VPS hosting plan, consider factors such as CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, operating system, and the provider’s reputation for reliability and customer support.

VPS hosting providers implement security measures like firewalls, DDoS protection, regular updates, and isolation of server environments to enhance the security of your VPS.

Yes, VPS hosting allows for easy scalability. You can upgrade your plan to accommodate increased traffic and resource requirements as your website expands.

VPS hosting typically offers faster loading times and better performance than shared hosting, as you have dedicated resources that are not affected by other users.

Managed VPS hosting is beneficial for those who prefer to have the hosting provider handle server management, security, and maintenance, allowing website owners to focus on content and business.

VPS hosting costs vary depending on the resources and features. It’s a worthwhile investment for websites with medium to high traffic and those requiring customization and control.

best uk vps hosting
vps hosting in the uk. uk's best virtual private server website hosting
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